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Budget: ₦5000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

In one word - Quality! I so much appreciate quality that it defines my work. If it does not meet the minimum standard, then let us not do it. A creative writer, love critics, and always want to express. ...


Budget: ₦3000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I'm a professional Educational and web content writer with 3 years experience in writing for blogs, SEO and article writing. I am passionate about writing, with a strong flair for writing in different styles. I have experience in SEO optimization along ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Oyo | Contact Me 0

I write articles for magazines and blogs. I also write e-books. I edit and proofread as well. Giving value to your work with bright results as the name implies Orion. ...


Budget: ₦50000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I am a lecturer in Nigerian Army School of Education. I am also a writer. I believe editing and proofreading are the hallmarks of great writing. ...


Budget: ₦1500 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I can transcribe Audio to written text in less than Fourty-Eight (48) hours and i can also design beautiful and awesome looking Business cards ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Abuja | Contact Me 4

I am a professional freelance writer with published nonfiction articles on and I have written books for international clients as a ghostwriter in the genres of romance, speculative history and motivational material. I currently administer the blog, The ...


Budget: ₦1000 | Anambra | Contact Me 0

I write fiction stories and articles. I also writes articles for advertising and marketing. I am versatile, dedicated and a top quality writer. I am.a Writer with broad experience, who is able to meet deadline. I am always available online. I'm very ...


Budget: ₦2000 | Kogi | Contact Me 0

i can type 500 words in 1hour, i love to edit content and proofreading, copywriting, ghost writing. i love doing neat job for my client and they will love it ...


Budget: ₦2000 | Rivers | Contact Me 0

I am a very passionate writer with over 5 years of experience. I provide you with very informative and well constructed SEO friendly content., plagiarism and error free at a very friendly budget. ...


Budget: ₦15000 | Oyo | Contact Me 0

I could develop a particular topic or sentence creatively and can assist in building up the contents for a book, a poem, a blog or article if the details are provided. I also do more of motivational, inspirational and Christian ...


Budget: ₦10000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I will provide articles and content about health, healthcare, and medicine from a medical doctor's point of view in an exciting, conversational or professional tone. ...


Budget: ₦1000 | Kaduna | Contact Me 0

Looking for a writer? You've found one. Academic writing, creative writing (articles, short stories, essays, name it) proofreading, editing and script writing ...


Budget: ₦0002 | Kaduna | Contact Me 0

Skills: copy-editing, proofreading, microsoft-word, article-writing, editing, newsletters business-writing, resume-writing, creative-writing, report-writing, content-writing, editorial-writing, microsoft-office, photography, ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Osun | Contact Me 0

I write good blog posts that will generate diverse opinions among people, making it argumentative and keep people coming back. I also write articles, depending on the choice of the employer. I am also into creative writing. Duration is between ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Rivers | Contact Me 0

i'm good at what i do, writing comes to me naturally and i'm sure you will attest to this when i write for you ...