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Budget: ₦5000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I am a passionate writer with six years experience in the industry, writing for various print and online media. For the past year I have been working as a freelance writer and ghost writer gaining experience writing in different styles ...


Budget: ₦20000 | Ogun | Contact Me 0

I am a core software developer with 5years of extensive experience. Because I understand that deadline is important as well as communication, I'm very time conscious and always make myself accessible to my clients almost anytime. ...


Budget: ₦10000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I will provide articles and content about health, healthcare, and medicine from a medical doctor's point of view in an exciting, conversational or professional tone. ...


Budget: ₦80000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I create both 2D and whiteboard explainer videos for individuals and businesses alike. I would create your scripts as well and do voice overs for an added fee but customers can create their own scripts and do their own voice ...


Budget: ₦2000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I am professional writer. It is what I do every day and love to do. You are also in save hand if I handle your writing job. I have an excellent mind to handle your project ...


Budget: ₦10000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

Seasoned professional web applications developer offering web development services and training at all levels. I am a web and software engineer with a BSc in Information Technology from Ghana Technology University College and 4+ years working experience. ...


Budget: ₦1000 | Imo | Contact Me 0

I do data entry jobs. I know how to use MS word and MS excel as well as MS PowerPoint, I also write articles depending on the topic, I also transcribe recordings which are in English language and edit & ...


Budget: ₦3500 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I am capable of completing tasks in the aspect of online proofreading, online surveys, marketing and typesetting at 90WPM. Also good at editing online contents and affiliate marketing ...


Budget: ₦50000 | Lagos | Contact Me 5

Ezzapps IT-Works are Web Developers, Mobile App Develepers, Search Engine Optimization, ERP & CRM Develepers, and Design Professional Identity Cards, Complimentary Cards, Logo and Graphic Creation. ...


Budget: ₦20000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I Design sleek , modern web sites for businesses or companies and I Redesign known websites in the form you like, I deliver on time and I am efficient. ...


Budget: ₦50000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I am a lecturer in Nigerian Army School of Education. I am also a writer. I believe editing and proofreading are the hallmarks of great writing. ...


Budget: ₦1000 | Cross River | Contact Me 0

I can write on any topic of your choice and make sure it meets your speculations. I also do a little bit of graphics design and photo editing as extras. ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I design and develop applications ranging from web, desktop to mobile applications, I can create web api in javascript, Php, that connects to mysql DB or mongo db ...


Budget: ₦35000 | Oyo | Contact Me 0

I make outstanding professional design website which are responsive to both mobile and desktop. I can also design and integrate eCommerce features to websites ...


Budget: ₦40000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

Am a market researcher with passion. Making contact with every sector of market with the aim of getting the required information needed to maximize profit coupled with the aim at ensuring the optimal satisfaction of consumers. we also engage in ...