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Budget: ₦10000 | Rivers | Contact Me 0

Work in a real real estate firm as a sales executive Work as a sales consultant for a document management company Manage sales and Procurement for my personal company - Tbright Global Concepts Limited ...


Budget: ₦15000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

Design pictures Create animations to promote content Content marketing Make blog posts Article writing ...


Budget: ₦60000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

o Brand identity and Graphic design o Brand Activation o Brand Experience o Creative communications o Digital Branding & Design o Rich media development o Mobile Advertising o Location-based marketing (LBM) o Mobile Messaging (SMS & MMS) ...


Budget: ₦20000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

Assist business in creating awareness of their product or services using social media and drawing traffic to their website. Also help small business in promoting their product through e-commerce platforms(store creation and store management) ...


Budget: ₦1500 | Ondo | Contact Me 0

Am into internet niche creating... I also give strategy on business that have to do with internet.... Am into video making on dental practicals... ...


Budget: ₦40000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

Am a market researcher with passion. Making contact with every sector of market with the aim of getting the required information needed to maximize profit coupled with the aim at ensuring the optimal satisfaction of consumers. we also engage in ...


Budget: ₦50000 | Edo | Contact Me 0

I can advertise your products or services and make it known to people. I can do this at my convenience. ...


Budget: ₦20000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

In an ever-changing digital marketing environment, understanding the customer's decision journey and psychology is the key to reaching your target market. However, this can be tedious and overwhelming. But I am here to make sense of it all for you. I ...