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Budget: ₦2000 | Rivers | Contact Me 0

I am a highly skilled writer who has a good knowledge in SEO utilization. My writings are very engaging, could be lightly humoured, and very creative. ...


Budget: ₦3000 | Anambra | Contact Me 0

I am an article writer, I write articles for blogs and business. My main area of writing is Business, everything business both online and offline business. ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Cross River | Contact Me 0

researching.l 'm quite good with writing articles,copywriting,proofreading,updating blogs and generally,any task on writing. ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I am also into proof reading and editing articles with the aim of delivering high quality content for public consumption ...

Femi Jones

Budget: ₦5000 | Kaduna | Contact Me 0

I have an obsession for words, writing them or reading them. I'm more a creative writer, but also I major in writing articles that have been published in quite a few newspaper across the country and also on online ...


Budget: ₦1,000.00 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I am a seasoned freelance writer. I create content for websites, magazines and blogs for a living.. I do poetry and motivational quotes as a pastime. My work principle is built on originality and timely delivery. ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I am proficient in English language and I proofread English write ups for puntuations, spellings, paragraphing and organization. ...


Budget: ₦1500 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

I can transcribe Audio to written text in less than Fourty-Eight (48) hours and i can also design beautiful and awesome looking Business cards ...


Budget: ₦20000 | Abuja | Contact Me 0

I have worked in as a librarian for six years. Most of my job requirements include research works, proofreading, editing and creative writing. I am proficient in the use of Microsoft word and other Microsoft office tools. ...


Budget: ₦15000 | Oyo | Contact Me 0

I could develop a particular topic or sentence creatively and can assist in building up the contents for a book, a poem, a blog or article if the details are provided. I also do more of motivational, inspirational and Christian ...


Budget: ₦1000 | Oyo | Contact Me 0

I am a Computer Operator, that have a professional experience of 2 years, I have been in the operation with enormous experience, challenges and motivational project. I wish to work with a reputable organisation or individual that is technically developing. ...


Budget: ₦1000 | Ogun | Contact Me 0

I am a mathematics graduate, freelance writer, self-taught programmer, musician, fitness lover and adventurer who likes reading and surfing the net and i am enthusiastic about getting my work done. I can proofread and edit documents, write articles, accurately transcribe ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Cross River | Contact Me 0

I've been working as a computer instructor since 2010. I am a blogger at I have just transcribed two videos on my blog today .. I've been Transcribing videos but not for commercial purpose. As a Singer, i ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Rivers | Contact Me 0

I'm a prolific writer of articles for posts on blogs and magazines. Care to see my published works? Hit me up!!! ...


Budget: ₦3000 | Oyo | Contact Me 0

I research, write projects, analyze and reports. I also write professional business plans with world class financials amidst business development consulting. I proofread and edit documents, copy Microsoft Excel or pdf to Microsoft Word. I also work as ...