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Just Nachi

Budget: ₦3000 | Abuja | Contact Me 0

I am good in in-depth analysis especially of societal and global issues. I have a broad knowledge of world affairs particularly in relation to Africa. I also have a keen interest in sports, politics, entertainment and current affairs. With me, ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Abuja | Contact Me 4

I am a professional freelance writer with published nonfiction articles on and I have written books for international clients as a ghostwriter in the genres of romance, speculative history and motivational material. I currently administer the blog, The ...

Reginald Obetta

Budget: ₦1000 | Abuja | Contact Me 0

I am very dedicated to helping my clients in achieving their results, a relentless hardworker, and a professional writer. ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Lagos | Contact Me 5

I write book and articles, the key to being a successful article writer is having the ability to concisely convey the article’s subject within a word count which fits your publishing media. I also can work either as a ghost ...


Budget: ₦3000 | Oyo | Contact Me 0

I research, write projects, analyze and reports. I also write professional business plans with world class financials amidst business development consulting. I proofread and edit documents, copy Microsoft Excel or pdf to Microsoft Word. I also work as ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Rivers | Contact Me 0

I am a Contribution writer for and also a former team member of Public Relations and Commuications of AIESEC Port Harcourt. ...


Budget: ₦2000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

Content buildup, editing and reviewing expert with broad experiences in diverse circles. Over five years experience in content writing and review. You can be certain I'll deliver top notch results prompt. ...


Budget: ₦10000 | Ondo | Contact Me 0

I am a professional and expert in the above mentioned skills. I have many years of experience working for top companies, top employers, meeting their requirements and deadlines and they enjoyed my services. I delivered job perfectly done earlier without clashing ...


Budget: ₦1500 | Rivers | Contact Me 0

I supply professional and engaging SEO content for individual or company websites. This is done with the sole aim of creating an internet presence that drives traffic to the website. These articles promise to be engaging, brilliant and highly ...


Budget: ₦1000 | Anambra | Contact Me 0

I write fiction stories and articles. I also writes articles for advertising and marketing. I am versatile, dedicated and a top quality writer. I am.a Writer with broad experience, who is able to meet deadline. I am always available online. I'm very ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

In one word - Quality! I so much appreciate quality that it defines my work. If it does not meet the minimum standard, then let us not do it. A creative writer, love critics, and always want to express. ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Kogi | Contact Me 0

I can create a quality post, write high quality content. a Search Engine optimisation writing and also write post based on tech am very good at writing new things that aren't found on the net i wake up every night ...


Budget: ₦1000 | Rivers | Contact Me 0

Am a blogger and am very good in writing reviews, blog contents and posts which I have been doing for some years now ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Kwara | Contact Me 0

I am a versatile writer. I can scribble words together, beautify them and get them smooth, nice and ready for consumption. I can write on any niche as long as what I have before me is researchable. I am a ...


Budget: ₦5000 | Lagos | Contact Me 0

Love writing a lot. I love playing with words. A graduate of the department of English in the university of Lagos. I love to learn a research more outside my field because i believe knowledge is basically an aspect to ...